Sunday, October 6, 2013

Toby loves his people

Toby update:
I have noticed Toby being much more relaxed these days. I gave him that thought "Wow Toby you really like it here now!" He said "Yes there is no more HORROR and he sent me a picture of a front door wide open with no one coming back" I said in my heart "Yes Toby you are loved here and we will always come back for you"
After his bath/shower yesterday Toby was being real good and holding still for me while I brushed his fur. I did not have his collar on so he was free to move about but he didn't. I told him what a good boy he was out loud. He sent me a thought? I like making you happy." I said back to him "but do you like being brushed?" He said no not really it pulls my hair but I like making you happy. And I really like after my bath I feel a lot better!" I noticed Thursday that he stood still longer if I was more methodical in my brushing going all one side and then all on the other side and then the tail and then the chest If I mixed it up he would get restless. So that is how I brushed him on Saturday and he stood still longer
This morning I got up and went to the bathroom. Toby knows I come back with a cup of coffee and a granola bar that we share. This time Toby followed me into the bathroom. Next thing he likes to do is snuffle for any bit of food on the floor. He did not snuffle. He stood very still in front of me while I was still sitting in the bathroom. Ya'all get the idea...Anyway I reached down and stroked him very lightly down the back. He stood still longer. So I reached up to his chest and scrunched his fur there. He then leaned into me as I worked my fingers up his chin and to his ears. He has never let me pet him that long! I asked him in my heart. "wow thank you for letting me pet you! Why did you let me pet so long this time?" Toby said "You are like a CAT!" I was like what...? "I don't meow or have a tail" Toby said "you have soft paws like a cat. I like that" and then we were ready to go get our granola bar.

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