Friday, January 3, 2014

Toby Says Goodbye

Our dear Toby had 2 seizures today and never fully recovered. We helped him cross over at 3:30pm with the nice vet Dr Hann. Toby was with us just one year. He helped me be less selfish. And Toby learned to like women. Always ready for a good bite of food! We love you for the short time you were with us. Be happy and be free

Reflecting on moments with Toby. As the vet began to walk away I felt a huge sigh.."I can breathe again! It doesn't hurt to breathe now Thank you Thank you Andrea and Big Guy"
I know that in our final moments we are released from all pain and sickness. I have been close to death a couple of times myself! I immediately felt relief I could no longer feel my skin condition as raw or itchy! It was pure silk around my skin with a heavenly light around me. We await that transformation but love the ones who are here while we remain on earth 

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