Thursday, September 19, 2013

Toby Goes to the Vet

We were going to go to the vet. Then when I did a map look up I saw 2 vet clinics! Messaged a good friend and found I was supposed to go to the other hospital! Whew good thing we averted a horrific experience. Will make an appointment for the Animal Hospital today 
Toby is home from the vet. He has a small abscess on his left eye like he may have gotten poked with something. The dr was very thorough and gave Toby a numbing drop and an anitbiotic. The visit was 30$ The meds were 50$ Joe says it is still pretty good that we got out of there for less than 100. They want to see him again in one week. Toby is relaxing next to my chair now. We had bacon jerky and some cheese together when we got home Toby is my bacon buddy.
Toby showed me a new game yesterday!
I was rolling up more bins of yarn some that were left out on the floor. Toby came up and said "I been a good boy I did not mess it up too much!" Then while I was rolling it up, Toby poked his paw at the trailing end and gave a "HA" pant laugh. "I know this game! This is put your paw on the line I win" The doggy version of a cat chasing a string. He had no prey instinct behind it like the energy a cat has when playing. Toby just thinks putting a paw on it means you WIN! Such innocence...

yep he got his meds eye drops today and he is pretty dog tired from yesterday's adventure
he even slept past my coffee and donut in bed time!
TY for asking
Oh and I got this months issue of Dog Fancy today Thanks!
I almost died laughing yesterday. In the wiaiting room there were 3 owner dog look a likes!
There was a peach colored Poodle with a timid attitude. her owner was a short asian dressed in all pink
Then there was a brown and white Papillon and her owner had died redbrown hair and a brown and white flowered t shirt on They both had kidney stones! She was complaining of being diagnosed with kidney stones Now her dog has bladder stones!
and then there was me and Toby and Joe jeans and t shirt me black hair with white around the edges Toby black hair with white around the edges
The doctor was superb! He even took a black light and dye to look in Toby's eye!

I was schedualed to see Dr Bennet and thought that maybe Toby would like Dr Han since he prefers men . Well dr Benmnet was busy So we got to see Dr Han!
Yesterday we were having to buckle down with our finances for the meds. First a I got a 10$ Walmart card that I had cashed in. Next I got an email from my stepmom Toby's "Grandma" that she is going to send a check for the whole bill!
Today Joe wanted to go on a fun outing to the bike store I remember the dr saying we should keep Toby in doors while he is on the eye drops because they dialate the eyes I did not say we shouldn't go
But when Joe called to see if the parts he ordered had come in There was a message saying that the store would be closed until Friday
I hadn't even voiced my concern about taking Toby out!
we are staying home today and tomorrw!
we are praying that the people at the bike store are ok...the message did not sound good She sounded really sad. I will be praying for them...
so God is meeting us at every turn in the road

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