Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Toby LOVES Strawberries!

We discovered early on that Toby likes strawberries. I know yogurt is good for all animals so I offered Toby some strawberry yogurt. Toby LOVED it. Joe my husband has a cup of strawberry yogurt every morning. Since we found out Toby likes them so much we tried giving him a bite of strawberry popcicle. He loved that too! Joe just bought a half gallon of strawberry ice cream to share with his buddy. Yummy
I have a red check dress that Toby likes. He gives a happy pant when I come out wearing it. One day I asked him why he liked it so much. He showed me a picture of a red check table cloth in my head! I laughed so hard. I look like a table! So this morning I told him I was going to wear his favorite dress. I asked him which handkerchief to wear with it. I showed him a flowered one and one with hearts and one with strawberries. Toby said in my head "I like strawberries" So I put on the strawberry handkerchief today

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