Monday, September 23, 2013

Toby Stays Calm

Toby update:
Well it has been 9 months since we adopted the little guy. Skin and bones and shaking. Now he is fat and lazy and pretty happy. We made a little mile stone today. Hubby left to go get lunch while I was taking a shower. Normally Toby would act up and begin pacing and whining as soon as he heard the lock click on the door. Today he whined, looked out the living room window, and then poked his nose in the bathroom! I was so proud of him. I got dressed and he waited a lot more quietly in the office while I got the dining room table ready for lunch. I knew hubby was home though. Toby kicked it up 2 notches when he heard the truck in the driveway. LOL Toby settled down as soon as hubby was inside. Oh and he got a fair share of lunch too

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